Dynamic Solo Performer!


Solo Acoustic Performances delivered with Passion, Style, and Humor! Gil has been performing in front of Live audiences for...well, pretty much since forever!

He is currently fronting the Seattle classic rock band, Bad Habit. Gil is available for Clubs, Pubs,  Festivals, and private functions. Contact him at frntmn@aol.com

Index Arts Festival

The Index Arts Festival, a summer festival in Index, Washington, supports local arts and crafts. Lots of fun, food and great music in a seriously spectacular setting! Gil is a regular performer at the IAF...

Security Professional 

I am a Sales Engineer in the Security Industry, and an IP Video Subject Matter Expert. I really enjoy the industry; I feel I am contributing to public safety and security.

Scuba Diving

My other passion...Scuba diving! I took this photo while diving off Oahu, Hawaii.

I have been fortunate to dive in Hawaii many times, even making some friends in the dive community there. (Looking at you, Center Ring Diving!)

Storm Circa 1985
themed object

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A talented Frontman and solo performer, Gil has been entertaining audiences for, well... a lot of years!


Security should be reliable, trustworthy and effective. I have dedicated the last 15 years to furthering that goal.


I think stress is afraid of the water, which is what makes diving so relaxing. I live by the motto, "Take only pictures, leave only bubbles!"

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Rooney's Food and spirits

Gil is now a regularly featured performer at Rooney's, a great pub in Woodinville, Wa!

Songs and stuff...

Original music....

In case you you haven't figured it out by now, I'm a singer / songwriter, guitarist and Frontman. I've been performing, either solo or in bands, for over 30 years. I have a small project studio with a partner, Jim Brown. He has the thankless task of taking the half-formed ideas that I can hear in my head, and helping me make them come alive. Plus running sound for my band, Bad Habit!
I have many other influences of course, but I think I have my own sound.... I write blues-tinged Rock 'n Roll, "sensitive" ballads, and some contemporary country tunes. Jim and I are working on our first all-original CD, but it's a slow process.  I hope to get it finished before Alzheimer's set in! 

Live at The Three Lions Pub Check out a few of my live performance videos
on YouTube!

Some of my original songs in mp3 format :

Find Your Heart This is the "Sensitive Solo" version...
The Road Starting to want to spend more time at home....
Cross To Bear Someone feels a bit taken advantage of...
Fly Greyhound Inspired by my frequent biz trips
Goodbye Enough Sometimes, you don't need to say anything.
An Ugly Goodbye Dedicated to ex-wives everywhere...
The Big Man  Dedicated to ex-bosses everywhere!
A Star To Steer By Inspired by The Odyssey, and my own wanderlust...
Back When I Knew Everything I sure miss that feeling!
From Midnight 'Til Morning About a guy with serious issues...

all songs are Copyrighted
by Gil René

Me with my favorite red guitar...

Solo Cover tunes...

When I do a solo show, I play a really wide variety of what I call Classic Acoustic Rock. Artists like The Eagles, Jimmy Buffet, Tom Petty, Cat Stevens, John Mellencamp, Van Morrison, etc. But I also like to mix in more obscure tunes by people like Tom Waits, Steve Earle, John Hiatt, and any song I find interesting or cool, that I think an audience will also enjoy. It may be an old Elton John song, or a radio staple that you just don't expect a solo artist to cover. I use a Hybrid Acoustic / Electric guitar, so some tunes I do in electric mode, like maybe Bob Seger, or Bad Company. I also use a harmonizer to add more vocals...it's kinda fun to watch an audience look all surprised when they hear one guy sound like The Eagles!

For booking, please email me at: frntmn@aol.com


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