Dynamic Solo Performer!


Solo Acoustic Performances delivered with Passion, Style, and Humor! Gil has been performing in front of Live audiences for...well, pretty much since forever!

He is currently fronting the Seattle classic rock band, Bad Habit. Gil is available for Clubs, Pubs,  Festivals, and private functions. Contact him at frntmn@aol.com

Index Arts Festival

The Index Arts Festival, a summer festival in Index, Washington, supports local arts and crafts. Lots of fun, food and great music in a seriously spectacular setting! Gil is a regular performer at the IAF...

Security Professional 

I am a Sales Engineer in the Security Industry, and an IP Video Subject Matter Expert. I really enjoy the industry; I feel I am contributing to public safety and security.

Scuba Diving

My other passion...Scuba diving! I took this photo while diving off Oahu, Hawaii.

I have been fortunate to dive in Hawaii many times, even making some friends in the dive community there. (Looking at you, Center Ring Diving!)

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A talented Frontman and solo performer, Gil has been entertaining audiences for, well... a lot of years!


Security should be reliable, trustworthy and effective. I have dedicated the last 15 years to furthering that goal.


I think stress is afraid of the water, which is what makes diving so relaxing. I live by the motto, "Take only pictures, leave only bubbles!"

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Rooney's Food and spirits

Gil is now a regularly featured performer at Rooney's, a great pub in Woodinville, Wa!

Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist...but mostly an Entertainer!

Of course I love music! I love to create it, I love to perform it. I love fronting the Bad Habit Band. Music is part-time, but a very important part-time, part of my life! I would play and sing even if I was the only one around, and I do, but nothing beats performing live! Whether a summer festival, a night club, or private function, singing for people is what it is all about!

I am also a Security Industry professional, IP Video Expert, trainer and presenter. Being in the Security Industry makes me feel like I am contributing to the safety and well-being of people and their property. More on that here...

The other big hobby...Scuba diving! I am a recreational diver with about 225 dives logged. And as much as I love Hawaii, I also love diving here in the Northwest, both in the U.S. and Canada. Sure, warm water is wonderful, but there is actually more sea life in colder water. Check out my Scuba page for photos and stories.

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